June 13, 2012
Quotefest, Album Edition: The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely

Wild Sage

And when somebody asks if I’m ok
I don’t know what to say
And along the highway 
From cast-off innumerable seeds
Wild sage growing in the weeds.

New Monster Avenue

Fresh coffee at sunrise
Warm my lips against the cup
Been waiting such a long time now
My number’s finally coming up

Half Dead

Stole out to the back yard late last night
Pine trees frozen in the silvery moonlight
Rising like giants from the cold earth
What are the years we gave each other
Ever gonna be worth?

Can’t get you
Out of my head
Lost without you
Half dead

Get Lonely

And I will get lonely
And gasp for air
And send your name off from my lips
Like a signal flare

Maybe Sprout Wings

I thought of old friends 
the one’s who’d gone missing
Said all their names three times
Phantoms in the early dark
Canaries in the mines

Moon Over Goldsboro

And a guy with any kind of courage
would maybe stop to think the matter through
Maybe hold you still and raise the question
Instead of blindly holding onto you

In The Hidden Places

And when I got home I thought about you
Like a desperate policeman searching for clues
And I almost passed out just then
And I shut my eyes again
Headed for the dark hillsides
In the hidden places

Song For Lonely Giants

Face in the leaves 
Song in my throat
Fall through the air
Hoping to float

Woke Up New

And the wind began to blow and the trees began to pant
And the world in its cold way started coming alive
And I stood there like a buisness man waiting for the train
And I got ready for the future to arrive

And I sang
Oh, What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do without you?

If You See Light

And no one knows how to keep secrets ‘round here 
They tell everyone everything soon as they know
And then where is there left for poor sinners to go?

Cobra Tattoo

Higher than the stars I will set my throne
God does not need Abraham, God can raise children from stones

In Corolla

And no one was gonna come and get me
There wasn’t anybody gonna know
Even though I leave a trail of burned things in my wake
Every single place I go

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